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About Us

The Brand

Nomarch Pour Homme is a collection intended for professionals and other men who like to set themselves apart. The timeless designs are distinctive with unsurpassed quality.

Nomarch [nom -ahrk] is an ancient Egyptian governor who presided over a Nome, a territorial division. Nomarch were high officials appointed by Pharaoh.

We found it an appropriate name for our brand, considering that we aimed the brand for today's leaders.

Our Logo

Reflects the essence of the brand name and is representative of a nomarch going around in his Nome.

The Mission

DPSN design is founded and managed by Kevin, A.with over 30 years of experience in various facets of the apparel industry. He has been in design, production, and marketing with a deep understanding of fabrics and processes.

Kevin's goal is to provide an exceptionally comfortable product that is distinct, beautifully designed, and timeless.

Apparel Collection ( soon to come )

Our apparel collection - currently under development, has two distinct looks :

Work from Home 

Clean Lines, elegant, a blend of comfort with formal look for all those video meetings, conquered effortlessly without a change of clothes. The offering includes non-roll collar polos in knits.


Pre-Washed, Lived in look. Comfortable.All in Cotton and fashionably casual.

Our Masks

Face Masks are the new normal as per CDC Guidelines. We are offering two separate collections.

Premium Masks

Designs are with elastic thread inset to hug cheeks and unique. These masks are in cotton spandex and reusable and washable. They complement the ensemble.

Melt-blown filter masks

Our masks with the melt-blown filter are the most advanced non-medical masks available.  The filter is made from thousands of non-woven fibers, each one thinner than a strand of hair, that are fused together through a process known as melt-blown extrusion.  This is a critical component of the medical-grade N-95 masks. The melt-blown filter stops up to 98% of particles up to 3 microns.  These masks are also washable and reusable and can be used until 80 hours before a wash. The effectiveness of the filter is retained in 4-5 washes.